Why So Serious? Heath Ledger as the Joker

Joker in the Dark Knight may not exactly be Heath Ledger’s final role but it was his final completed role. Having the movie shown after his death definitely added to the dark tone that Joker supposedly already has as a Gotham villain. Viewers will be torn between celebrating the successful film and grieving over the loss of a young talent. It is unfortunate that Heath was gone so soon after he had just proven that he could take on roles that are darker and that can totally take away attention from his good looks. Ledger’s life itself had taken a dark tone. Maybe it was his sleeping problems that had first welcomed him to that darker place? It was certainly something that would take a toll on anyone, even a young man like Ledger was.

So, why so serious? Joker is laughing his way through the Dark Knight and Ledger’s fans are celebrating with his talented portrayal. “Why so serious” becomes a famous line from the movie as the audience becomes witness to little pieces of the Joker’s traumatic childhood. The Joker uses the line to taunt his would-be victims, to threaten them with a slash on the mouth to create a morbid smile. And that is what Joker is, a morbid joke. What audiences may be a little scared of is the possibility that as they watch the Joker, they also see parts of the emotionally crumbling actor. Ledger had made himself the Joker during the time he was playing the psychopath.

This celebrity poster of Heath Ledger as the Joker is also of course, a movie poster. It shows the Joker bent over, while writing “Why so Serious” and drawing a smiling face in blood. At the background is a blurry Gotham City. The poster is complete with the Dark Knight title and bat logo. This poster is recommended to Batman and comic fans, and also to fans of Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Poster

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