Lady Sings the Blues

Billie Holiday is considered jazz royalty, owing to her superb talent in singing. However, there was always that hinted grief that comes out in her music. She turned this anguish on whenever she sang her sad songs. For those who are familiar with her background, this is not a surprise. Miss Holiday had had a tough childhood, from having an absentee father to being raped as a child. She also claimed to have worked as a prostitute. Her later fame and fortune did not ease most of her pain. Instead, she turned to drugs that further aggravated, not cured, her anguish. Involvement with abusive men had made her worse, not having emotional support she might have struggled to find. All these drama was all about Billie Holiday, but on-stage, she was a gem. She became part of the Grammy Hall of Fame and had garnered other awards for her singing. Despite all these, the lady continues to sing the blues.

Lady Sings the Blues is a song made popular by Billie Holiday. Her 1959 autobiography, as ghost-written by William Dufty, is of the same name. The book later became a movie, starring singer-actress Diana Ross. Ross was nominated for an Academy because of her performance.

The celebrity poster features a singing Billie Holiday, who looks as if her heart is breaking. Photographer William P. Gottlieb captures a moment in which Miss Holiday is transparently expressing all of her grief. Though she looks like in the throes of anguish, Holiday still shines as a jazz legend. Gottlieb, a photographer of important jazz singers, was able to take the right shot.

The poster is recommended to all jazz fans, of course especially to Billie Holiday fans, old or new. Those interested in displays of deep human emotion may also want a copy of this poster. Miss Holiday comes alive in this poster, which is available in 5 sizes and 5 different frames.

Billie Holiday

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