Miss Marilyn Monroe: Itching Away from Censorship

This celeb poster captures a moment in Marilyn Monroe’s career that has been somehow frozen in time, especially in the minds of long-time fans. This is how most people picture the 50s sex symbol: holding down her skirt as air from the grating beneath her tries to blow it up. This famous scene from the Seven Year Itch is reported to have been repeated (to perfection?) several times by the order of director Billy Wilder. The filming has been witnessed by a large crowd, including a furious Joe DiMaggio. The scene is not only about Marilyn’s sexualized image but is also about defying censorship. The famous shot in this poster, where her skirt reaches above the knees, has not been seen in the actual movie. However, this is still the Marilyn Monroe that people remember from the Seven Year Itch. Though clearly Miss Monroe had no qualms about playing caricature characters, some feminists may be offended by the dumb blonde image, and the way Marilyn’s character is simply addressed as “The Girl” in the movie. Nevertheless, the fact that the photograph has been reproduced several times is proof of Miss Monroe’s undeniable charm.

The Seven Year Itch Marilyn poster is available in two sizes and frames. The 26 x 38 inch poster is framed in one and a quarter inch Providence. Meanwhile, the 31 x 43 inch poster is framed 1.25 inch Ansley Mahogany. This poster captures what the celebrity Marilyn Monroe is all about. She was ahead of her time and was never afraid of making risqué moves. This poster is recommended to fans of Marilyn Monroe and to nostalgia collectors. You will be reminded about how different film-making then is from film-making today. Today, censorship has been pushed to its very edges. However, there are still people, like Marilyn then, who try to set new boundaries.

The Seven Year Itch

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