Jimmy Dean Lived and Dreamed

James Dean is remembered for his quote that equates to seizing the day. After his untimely death, people might have realized the quotation’s significance, for Dean anyway – the young Dean died at the age of only twenty-four. Some believed that it was due to reckless driving but further investigation showed that Dean was not over-speeding. Because of his youth, Dean achieved iconic status despite having feature roles in only three films. Those three films, however, had made a mark on his audience. Young people, especially, could relate to Dean’s outcast roles in East of Eden and Rebel without a Cause. Only in Giant, his final film which was released posthumously, did he take on a different character type. In Giant, he played a supporting role as a family handyman. Unfortunately, people could now only wonder what roles James Dean would have taken if he had lived much longer.

The James Dean celebrity poster features Dean’s complete quote “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today”. It was about grabbing every moment and making the most of it. However, after Dean’s death it took on another meaning because the quote seemed to predict his brief life. In the short time that he was alive, he was able to capture his audience and to live as he wanted to. James Dean’s photo in this picture showed him looking like he had either not slept yet or just awoken. He is still best-known for his rumpled, rebellious look which materialized in real life, complete with fast cars and ambiguous sexual orientation. Dean is a mystery even many years after his death. So, this poster is an accurate portrayal of his rebel image. The poster is in black and white, as if to complement the mood. Dean manages to look handsome despite the uncared-for look he emanates. This poster is recommended to James Deans fans, and also to fans of 50s films. For people who have at one time felt like an outcast, this poster may bring outcast mode to a cooler level. This poster is available in two sizes.

James Dean

James Dean Framed Poster

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