One Love: Bob Marley’s Resonating Song

People remember him as the Rastafarian Jamaican singer in dreadlocks who sang reggae classics like No Woman, No Cry, and Who Shot the Sheriff? What fewer people do know is that he is of mixed race, something that he felt made him a little bit of an outcast when he was younger. His father was a white English marine officer while his mother was a black Jamaican woman. This parentage, however, made him partial with either race. He said that he is on God’s side, and not on any particular race’s. Marley best expressed this point of view through his song One Love. The song has been used by Jamaican tourism to promote Jamaican hospitality and friendliness. One Love talks about being tolerant of any race or any type of person.

This Bob Marley poster also features his best-known song, One Love. The bold, white letters for the song’s title are bigger than the letters that spell out Marley’s name. The colors in the background are true to the Jamaican flag’s colors, which are also the colors people attribute to reggae. A photo of Marley is placed in the middle of the poster. His expression is open, and maybe just a little bit suggestive of wonder. He seems to be looking at something that he is quietly in awe of. The celebrity poster captures a Marley beyond his singing. Though the song One Love features much in this poster, it also shows a gentle Bob Marley who authored such a feel-good song.

The celeb poster is available in one size only, at 30 x 40 inches. The poster is also made of fabric, and does not need any framing. It is recommended to reggae fans, especially to Bob Marley fans. This may be a posthumous tribute but the poster will be bright against your wall or even over the back of your couch.

Bob Marley - One Love

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